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People in MS love to garden

Of course they trip while they do it. Check out my neighbors bush. This would be a cute Halloween vignette and not that unusual but these people have different outfits thoughout the year and change its clothes every month. Love the kids in the cauldren , even though I prefer mine extra crispy.
Yep people are tripping. Have you noticed how dependant we all are on technology these days. I have a business in a new shopping center and I watch people walk by all day long on their cell phones. (No wonder apple and Research in Motion stocks are up.) I watched someone walk into a post today while talking on thier phone. Comedy doesnt get any better than that.
Hello world; I started this blog becuase I have seen some of the craziest behavior in the last few weeks and know it has to be a universal experience. Americans have gone nuts. I wanted to make a place to get it on paper and see what kind of feedback I got from the internet community. I am a small business owner who works extensively with the public, so I see crazy stuff all the time. I was going to call it employees be tripping but I realized craziness is an equal opportunity condition and there are days I am convinced I was crazy to ever start a business. So bring me your crazy people one and all. Just be respectful, no names or places just general details and specifics about your encounters. I'll also be posting some pics and vids to prove myself an observer of an insane world.